KFD: Kentucky Fried Doughnuts?! How to write an effective internal communications’ brief.

At the Internal Communication Black Belt Program I learned a lot of things but the KFD was one of the most easy-to-remember and practical tool.

Usually in internal communications within companies, the manager or the Internal Comms team tends to focus on what the employees need to know. We all have a clear focus on just providing information. But do we care about what we want the team to feel or what we want them to do? Actually, if we want them to change, we have to touch these three aspects of human behaviour.

Know, Feel and Do, this is the meaning for the KFD (you will never forget the Kentucky Fried Doughnuts anymore!)

Imagine that we know that by increasing the number of times that employees wash their hands, we can reduce the probability of spreading flu in the office. We actually want them to change their behaviour. Before even starting to write any piece of communication, we should do a KFD:

What do we want the employees to KNOW?

  • Flu spreads through physical contact and air.
  • By washing your hands 5 times a day, we can reduce the probability of getting flu by XX%.
  • The company is committed to have a healthy environment and therefore will distribute new special soap and cream for the ones with sensitive skin.

 How do we want them to FEEL?

  • We want them to feel worried for the risk of getting flu.
  • But we want them to feel confident that by having a healthy habit with their hands they will minimize the risk.
  • We want them to feel ashamed if they don’t wash their hands, we have to build a sense of group pressure for the ones that are more reluctant.

What do we want them to DO?

  • We want them to wash their hands more often than now, at least 5 times a day.
  • We want them to influence the others and generate a certain group pressure.

Having written this KFD, I would probably get the approval from the owner of this project before creating the whole internal communications campaign. And with it, I’m sure the designs  and copies would be more effective.